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京都 糸屋ホテルの魅力
京都 糸屋ホテルの魅力

Latest Information

About sleeping with children

About sleeping with children

Dear Valued Guests,

Thank you for visiting Kyoto Itoya Hotel.
The hotel has changed the rules regarding "the maximum age for children to sleep in a bed" as follows.

・Until April 2020 ... Preschool children under 6 years old

・From May 2020 onwards ... up to elementary school children under 13 years old (junior high school students and above will be charged the same as adults)

※As for the number of co-sleepers, the maximum number of children is 1 child per adult.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

Dear Valued Guests,

Thank you for using Kyoto Itoya Hotel.
With multiple outbreaks of new coronavirus-related pneumonia reported throughout the country,
We consider the health and safety of our customers, and as a part of virus measures,
Disinfectants are available at the hotel entrance.
If you are worried about your physical condition, such as coughing, fever, or other illness during use,
Please feel free to contact the hotel staff.


Rate change with the consumption tax revision

Dear Valued Guests,

We revised a breakfast rate with a consumption tax change from October, 2019.
If you make a reservation by 9:00 p.m. on the previous day, it is \1,320.-(JPY)/per person.
When you eat breakfast without your making a reservation, it is \1,650.-(JPY)/per person.

We apologize for inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Dear Valued Guests,
Please be informed that an 'accommodation tax' will come into effect on October 1st, 2018 in Kyoto City, and that all guests staying at hotels in the city of Kyoto will be required to pay the following stipulated accommodation tax: 

Room Rate* (per person, per night)    Tax Amount (per person)
  JPY19,999 and under                                    JPY200
  Between JPY20,000 and 49,999                   JPY500
  JPY50,000 or more                                      JPY1,000
*Please note that the above room rates are inclusive of the 10% service charge, and exclusive of the 8% consumption tax, meals, and any fees related to other hotel-related services. 
We greatly thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and understanding on this important matter.  
As always, thank you very much for choosing kyoto ITOYA Hotel.
New arrival
​"Kyoto beer" joined the lounge which only the visitor who stayed could use.
The Kyoto beer was born as the first local beer in Kyoto in 1995.
I keep a refined sake production technology alive as the local beer which a refined sake maker makes and, with famous clear water "Fushimi used for the training of the liquor ," brew it.
​It is the season when beer becomes delicious. Please appreciate it.

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Standard Plan

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Standard Plan「Breakfast Included」

~Regular plan「Breakfast Included」~

Eco Friendly Plan (without Cleaning Service)

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Stay Long and Save Plan「Breakfast Included」

~Long stay and discount plan [Breakfast included]~The total amount of your reservation will be direc...

Stay Long and Save Plan

~Long stay and discount plan~The total amount of your reservation will be directly charged from your...

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